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Finding the perfect accessories to match your style need not be difficult. If you are looking for an expert jewelry designer, rely on Betty Farrell Designs in Vienna, Virginia to provide you with one-of-a-kind pieces. Do you want to add a touch of elegance to your outfit by incorporating your heirloom accessories? Don’t let your antique jewelry sit in the box. Let our jewelry designer modify your prized accessories. Using innovative tools and techniques, we bring new life to your

old jewelry.

Betty Farrell

Words from Jewelry Designer Betty Farrell

I am the sole proprietor of Betty Farrell Designs. I have been in the business, part-time, on a cash basis since 2004. I began making jewelry for fun while recovering from knee surgery after having been a real estate broker for over 30 years. I took “Old age should be devoted to art” as my motto and since then I have been immersed in renovating and updating old jewelry as well as creating my own designs. I have conducted seminars to show clients what can be done with old, lovely pieces of jewelry that might otherwise die in someone’s jewelry drawer.

I belong to several different clubs in the Washington, D. C. and Northern Virginia area, including Welcome to Washington, Capital Speakers Club of Washington, D. C., the Virginia Chamber Orchestra, Partners for the Arts, and Black Tie, Inc.

The Lemon Tree Gallery at Cape Charles, Virginia has a collection of some of my pieces. I have been accepted into juried exhibitions in McLean, Virginia.

I am a student of Ikenobo School of Floral Design and studying Ikebana. My business has now expanded to include floral design services.

I am a native of Washington, D. C. and live in the close-in suburb of Fairfax County.

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Dare to dazzle with intricately designed necklaces and other jewelry items made from rare gems and semi-precious stones. Count on our jewelry designer, Betty Farrell, to take your fashion statement to the next level. Schedule an appointment with us and check out the wide range of exquisite jewelry pieces we offer.